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December 8, 2017 | 3:30 p.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Category: Seminar
Location: Physics #312 | Map
666 W. Hancock
Detroit, MI 48201
Cost: Free!
Audience: Academic Staff, Current Graduate Students, Current Undergraduate Students, Faculty

Title: Searching for beauty-fully bound tetraquarks using lattice Non-relativistic QCD

Speaker: Ciaran Hughes (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)


Systems with even a moderate number of quarks, including light nuclei, are difficult to study theoretically, both when using a first-principles methodology (such as lattice QCD) or from within models. Instead of the these complicated systems, studying another realistic system where the dynamics naturally simplifies would greatly enhance our understanding of how quarks bind and enable us to make more robust predictions from models. 
Recently one such system has generated significant attention in the literature: a stable (in QCD) four quark bound-state composed of two bottom-quarks and two anti-bottom quarks, which could be experimentally accessible at the LHC. This seminar will explore the exciting search for this tetraquark state using the first-principles lattice QCD methodology.

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