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October 19, 2019 | 9:00 a.m. - 6:30 p.m.
Category: Conference
Location: Student Center Building
Cost: Free
Audience: Alumni, Current Graduate Students, Current Undergraduate Students, Faculty

Identity, Place and Power: Interrogating Borders in the 21st Century is the theme of this year's conference. Sessions will examine the meaning of place and how we interact within these constructs.

Students are welcome to attend any session

Presentations, Plenaries & Panels
Hilberry A - F - Student Center 9 am to 6:30 pm

9:00 to 10:15 am - Concurrent Session I

Hilberry A: Roundtable Discussion: Water Politics
Activists and scholars discuss local and global water issues including management and delivery, consumption, the role of government, disaster, and organized resistance.

• Presider: A.E. Garrison (Central Michigan University)
• Demeeko Williams (Hydrate Detroit)
• Beaulah Walker (Hydrate Detroit)
• Ben Pauli (Kettering University)
• Dakota Raynes (Oklahoma State University)

Hilberry B: Panel: Theorizing Black Women & The Digital Sphere

• Presider/Organizer: Leigh-Anne Goins (DePauw University)
• Symbolic Forms of Racism and Sexism in News Media: Coverage and Framing of Black Women Victims of Police Violence - Jasmine Cooper (University of Maryland, Baltimore)

• Sites of Scandal and Resistance: Black Women's Digital Fandom - Leigh-Anne Goins (DePauw University)
• Cir/trek: A Movement to Create Digital and Physical Communities that Enhance Black Women's Health - Rashida Harrison (Michigan State University, James Madison College)

Hilberry C: Paper Session: Sex and Gender I

Presider: Mike Macaluso (Grand Valley State University)

• Exploring the Stress Narrative of Christian and Secular Homeschooling Mothers - Erin Baker (Wayne State University)
• Equality vs Difference: Resistance and Reform for Queer Rights - Glen Miller (Eastern Michigan University)
• Women's Attitudes towards Policing and Self-Policing their Bodies through Beauty Norms and Body Work - Bessie N. Rigakos (Marian University)
• Transnational Feminism and Disability in The Global South: Experiences of Disabled Bolivian Women - lblin Edelweiss Murillo Lafuente (University of Toledo)

Hilberry D: Paper Session: Issues in Criminal Justice

Presider: Mellisa Wright (Michigan State University)

• Who Do We Punish and How? A Program Evaluation Proposal - Christie Boxer (Adrian College)
• Criminal Justice Agents' Biases in Determining "Credibility" - Marilyn Corsianos (Eastern Michigan University)
• Predicting Injury among Victims of Sexual Assault - Dennis Savard (Saginaw Valley State University)
• Racial Differences in Police Shooting Survival Rates - Zavin Nazaretian (Adrian College) David Merolla (Wayne State University) Cedrick Heraux (Adrian College)

Hilberry E: Panel: Autobiography and Organization

• Organizer/Presider: Robert M. Orrange (Eastern Michigan University)
• Autobiography and Organization: Theoretical/Methodological Rationale - Robert M. Orrange (Eastern Michigan University)
• Meeting Your Metrics: Bureaucracy and Rationalization in the Child Welfare System - Sara Srygley (Eastern Michigan University)
• Youtube Prosumersim - Eric Bucci (Eastern Michigan University)
• Experiencing Weber before Reading Weber, 11
Life as a Corporate Manager, 11 Robert M.
Orrange (Eastern Michigan University)

10:30 to 11:45 am -
Concurrent Session II

Hilberry A: Roundtable Discussion: Mass Incarceration and Its Consequences

• Organizer/Presider: Elizabeth Bradshaw (Central Michigan University)

• Aaron Kinzel, Formerly Incarcerated Professor (University of Michigan­ Dearborn)
• Amy Nichols, Graduate Student (Michigan State University)
• Julia Lockard, Undergraduate Student (Central Michigan University)
• Mutsharaf S. Gordon-Nix, Returning Citizen
• A'Keydra Abrams, Ombudsman Analyst (Office of Legislative Corrections Ombudsman)
Hilberry B: Roundtable Dis cussio n: Working as a Sociologist in the Gig Economy

This discussion focuses on how trained sociologists contend with a labor market increasingly characterized by short-term contract employment.

• Presider: Jessica Gilbert (Delta College)
• Mark Petricca (Mott Community College)
• Warren Fincher (Saginaw Valley State University)
• Brigit Dyer (Macomb Community College)
• Justin Sinicki (Delta College)

Hilberry C: Paper Session: Immigrant Communities

Presider: Salam Aboulhassan (Wayne State University)

• The Rights to Their Stories: Sexual Sanctioning and Sexual Violence Within Arab American Immigrant Communities - Salam Aboulhassan (Wayne State University)
• Extending The Reach: Transnationalism in the Armenian Diaspora - Inna Mirzoyan (Michigan State University)
• Culture in Action Among Second-Generation Muslim Americans: Inventorying, Appraising, and Reorganizing Cultural Tools - Rebecca
A. Karam (CUNY Graduate Center)
• Mitigating Hostility, Fostering Civility: Chaldean and Syrian Party Store Owners in Metro-Detroit - Vance Alan Puchalski (Princeton University)

Hilberry D: Paper Session: Religion

Presider: R. Khari Brown (Wayne State University)

• Race, Religion, and Environmental Conservation Attitudes - R. Khari Brown (Wayne State University)
• Conceptualizing Nonreligious Identities - Alexander S. Fether (Western Michigan University)
• Individuality vs Normativity: The Religious Modernity Paradox in Institutions, Publicness, and Culture - Xi Wang (University of Chicago)
• Weber and Islamic Theocracy- Abdullah F. Alrebh (Grand Valley State University)

Hilberry E: Paper Session: Sex

Presider: Megan St. George (Wayne State University)

• Legalizing Sex Work: The Mirage of Sex Worker Autonomy in The Netherlands - Kathryn Ariella Pataki (University of Pittsburgh)
• An Investigation of the Negative Consequences of Religion on Sex Guilt and Self-Esteem among Sexually Active American Youth - Sydney Arens (Wayne State University)
• Sexpectations: How Massage Therapists Frame a Client's Unwelcome Sexual Behavior
-Megan St. George and Jennifer Anton (Wayne State University)
• Location, Location, Location: Prediction of Undergraduate Sexual Relationships - Rhoda
E. Marshall (Western Michigan University)


1:45 to 3:00 pm -

Hilberry A: Panel: Case Studies of Organizational Harm: Government, Corporate, and State-Corporate Crimes

• Presider: Elizabeth Bradshaw (Central Michigan University)

• Election Interference in the Age of Social Media: A Case of State-Corporate Crime - Johnathan R. Smith (Central Michigan University)
• Dow Chemical's Dioxin Contamination in the Tittabawassee and Beyond: State-Corporate Environmental Crime - Nick Sturos (Central Michigan University)
• Racism and the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment
- Olivia Mocnik (Central Michigan University)
• USA Gymnastics: The Perfect Organizational Environment for Nassar's Crimes - Madlynn Tortomasi (Central Michigan University)

Hilberry B: Roundtable Discussion: Teaching Democracy & Civic Engagement in The Age of Trump

This panel will discuss the implications of today's political climate on the ability to engage in seminal dialogue and understanding in the classroom.

• Presider: Sammy Ahmed (Highland Community College)
• Andy Dvorak (Highland Community College)
• Sam Fiorenza (Highland Community College)

Hilberry C: Paper Session: Sex, Gender and Sexuality
Presider: Ashley Edwards, (Harvel & Associates)

• Coming Out Stories of Gay Men: Agency, Outcomes, and Audience - Lucretia Dunlap (Grand Valley State University)
• Evolving Notions of Masculinity: Mexico in the Early Twentieth Century- Kendra Garcia (Grand Valley State University)
• Homosexual Execution: Religious Influence on Structural Economic Barriers to Gender Equality - Matthew Hart (Grand Valley
State University)
• Latino/a Morrissey fans - Chelsea Kelly (Grand Valley State University)

Hilberry D: Paper Session: Race and Ethnicity

Presider: Gabriel Lotarski (Wayne State University)

• Discourses Beauty for Black Women in Contemporary US - Kearabetswe Mokoene (Wayne State University)
• Attitudes toward Teen Pregnancy among Trinidadian Female Adolescents - Sasha R. Drummond-Lewis (University of Michigan­ Flint)
• Rearticulating Racial Inequality from the Perspective of a White Racial Frame: A Statistical Comparison Between the "White Savior" and "Magical Negro" Film Tropes - Whitney Hunt (Wayne State University)
• Genetic Data and Race: Methodological and Ethical Considerations - Rebecca Thompson (Wayne State University)

Hilberry E: Panel Discussion: Collaborating with Peer Dialogue Facilitators in Social Justice Teaching

Faculty and peer facilitators from Central Michigan University's intergroup dialogue (IGD) program, discuss the purpose, challenges, and outcomes of collaborative IGD teaching.
• Andrew Blom, Associate Professor Department of Philosophy and Religion (Central Michigan University)

• Ashleigh Laho, undergraduate peer dialogue facilitator (Central Michigan University)
• Michael lgnat, undergraduate peer dialogue facilitator (Central Michigan University)
• Chloe White, undergraduate peer dialogue facilitator (Central Michigan University)
• Shelbi Thompson, undergraduate peer dialogue facilitator (Central Michigan University)

Hilberry F: Paper Session: Issues in Education

Presider: Brigit Dyer (Wayne State University)
• Where are we now? Sociological Studies of Educational Inequality - Brigit Dyer (Wayne State University)
• Exploring Black Students' & Parents' Perceptions of School Safety Measures - Charles Bell (Illinois State University)
• Gender and the Hidden Expansion of the Carceral State in Therapeutic Boarding Schools -Heather Mooney (Wayne State University)

• Futile Fortresses: The Spectacle of School Security and Desires for Containment in the 21 st Century- Emma Tosh (Western Michigan University)

3:15 to 4:30 pm -

Hilberry A: Presidential Roundtable: The High Cost of Erasure and Exclusion: LGBTQ People at the Intersections

This Presidential Roundtable will discuss the societal practices and consequences of the erasure of LGBTQ people. Violence and other forms of discrimination are very real outcomes when Queer identities, existence and humanity are denied in historical, scholarly, governmental, media and popular cultural narratives.

• Presider: Emily Dievendorf, Board Member of Michigan Civil Rights Commission, Former Director of Equality Michigan
• Rachel Crandall Crocker, Executive Director and Co-founder of Transgender Michigan
• Susan Crocker, Operations Director & Co­ founder of Transgender Michigan

• Racquelle Trammell, Vice President of Research and National advocacy for Trans Sistas of Color Project and Research Assistant University of Michigan School of Public Health Project: Love Her Collective

Hilberry B: Paper Session: Issues in Race and Ethnicity II

Presider: Kalvin Harvel (Henry Ford Community College)

• "Can't Have Identity Politics without the Politics: Predicting Intergroup Commonality among Latinx Americans with Whites, Blacks, and Asians - Randall Wyatt (Wayne State University)
• The Food Justice Movement - Michelle Proctor (Madonna College)
• Presentations Title: African American Men: Exploring Intersections of gender role conflict, racial trauma, and Identity Development - Granton Brooks (All City Consulting)
• An exploration of Racial Identity in Film - Harriette Moore (Washtenaw Community College)

Hilberry C: Paper Session: Issues in Health

Presider: Mike Macaluso (Grand Valley State University)

• Family Factors, Attachment and the Impact on Mental Health - Taylor Korvach (Michigan State University)
• More Fat and Less Free Than We Think? Analyzing (Mis)perceptions of Criminal Justice and Healthcare Statistics - Melissa Bush and Marissa Rivera (Michigan State University)
• Gender's Impact on Healthcare - Nicole Bray (Michigan State University)
• Evaluating Point of Care Testing in Community Pharmacies and Assessing the Implementation of a Pilot Program - Haque Mahf, Khan Harass and Langell Samantha (Wayne State University)

Hilberry D: Paper Session: Diverse Issues

Presider: Mellisa Wright (Michigan State University)

• Americans Are Freer and More Insured Than They Think: Lay Perceptions and

Misperceptions of U.S. Statistics - Eric Beasley, Ben Conte, and Meredith Michael (Michigan State University)
• The Sikh Diaspora: Genocide of 1984 -
Harmandeep Kaur (Alma College)
• "Oh, the Places You'll Go!," On Becoming Applied In an Academic World - Leslie Elrod (Van Buren Community Mental Health) and Jody Ballah (University of Cincinnati Blue Ash College)

Hilberry E: Paper Session: Work and Economy

Presider: Brigitte Bechtold (Central Michigan University)

• Work family conflict (WFC) - Ranya Krayem (Wayne State University)
• Defining Aid: The Impact of Discourse within Kalamazoo's Housing-Aid Policies - Sharmeen Chauhdry (Kalamazoo College)
• Applicant Behavior and College Enrollment for African-American Students - Katrina Clayton (Hope College)
• "Underemployment" Since The "Great Recession" - Brigitte H. Bechtold (Central Michigan University)

Hilberry F: Round Table: Flint Water Crisis
This roundtable discussion focuses on the impact of the Flint Water Crisis on that city's residents. Insights from preliminary research, surveys and personal observations will be shared by undergraduate scholars.

• Claire Oswalt (Saginaw Valley State University)
• Claire Fraser (Saginaw Valley State University)
• Amber Miller (Saginaw Valley State University)
• Alexandra Miller (Saginaw Valley State University)


4:40 to 5:10 m - Student Posters

Ballroom C

• How to Develop A Black Student-Led Support Infrastructure at a PW/ - Kamali Clora (Wayne State University)
• Firsthand Sociological Observations: The Healthcare Experience - Lisette LeMerise (Wayne State University)

• New Religions, New Stories: Adults Reflect on a Fringe Religion Upbringing - Chandana Haynes (University of Michigan, Dearborn)
• The Relationship Between Time Spent Playing MMOs, Social Capital, and Prosocial Behavior- Lucretia Dunlap (Grand Valley State University)
• Murdered/Missing Indigenous Women in News Media - Kelli Bowers (Grand Valley State University)

5:15 to 6:30 m - Closing Plenary

Ballroom C: Roundtable Discussion on Immigration

This panel gives an overview and contextualization of immigration issues including the economy, policy and law, incorporation, identity and political rhetoric.

• Moderator: Cedric Taylor, MSA President (Central Michigan University)
• Lauren Duquette-Rury (Wayne State University), Author of Exit and Voice: The Paradox of Cross-Border Politics in Mexico

• Sabrina Balgamwalla (Wayne State University), Director of the Asylum and Immigration Law Clinic
• Melanie Jones (Michigan Immigrant Rights Center), Staff Attorney



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