ISE Seminar- Generate Innovation with the Value Methodology – A Case Study

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Date: February 19, 2020
Time: 11:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.
Location: ISE Conference Room, MEB, 4815 4th St, Detroit, # 2062
Category: Seminar

The real value of the Value Methodology is to use functions to inspire a change in the thought process of a cross-disciplinary team when evaluating how to improve the value for any given product, process or project.  This is exactly what happened in the attached case study which allowed the value study team to not only think in innovative ways by using functions, but to also generate some innovative ideas which led to the submission of US patents.  Due to the propriety of the client, I am not allowed to mention the specific company, however, the specific product which was evaluated in this workshop was automotive passenger and side airbags (not the whole system, just the physical airbag or cushion as it is often called).   In this study, the SAVE International® six step Value Methodology job plan was followed with an effective cross-disciplinary team after the normal gathering of data required in the pre-workshop stage prior to the actual workshop.  This technical paper will show each step of that job plan, and how following the Value Methodology process led to these innovative ideas and US patent submissions.

Jim Bolton is President of Bolton Value Consulting, LLC. He has facilitated Value Methodology (VM), Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA), Lean, TRIZ (the theory of inventive problem solving), and other Value Enhancing Workshops globally where value was added to over 500 projects for over 23 years in 22 different countries by reducing cost (up to 25%) or increasing performance or both. Jim has automotive, commercial truck transmission, home appliance, energy (including oil and gas, wind turbines, and solar), industrial air compressor, industrial HVAC, office furniture, injection molding support equipment, hydraulic cylinder and pump, construction, chemical plants, and Government clients and has developed sustainable internal VM programs for both TRW Automotive and Whirlpool Corporation while a direct employee and other organizations since becoming the President of Bolton Value Consulting in 2014.  He is a past president of SAVE International®, has served on their Certification Board for 6 years as a Director, is a current Director of the Miles Value Foundation and has co-authored the Value Methodology handbook and the Function Analysis Guide, both of which make up the SAVE International  Body of Knowledge.



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