Webinar on Academic Retirement

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Date: February 1, 2021
Time: 1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Location: Zoom
Category: Conference

The purpose of this conference is to discuss the topic of academic retirement as a distinct form of post-employment activity and to focus upon the options retired academics have to maintain their professional identities and activities, to contribute further to the university and the community, and connect socially and intellectually with fellow retirees.

There will be one extra-mural invited speaker, Roger Baldwin, an Emeritus Professor from Michigan State University who is an expert on the topic of academic retirement and who has published on the topic. His presentation will be followed by a discussion period and a series of short presentations by retired and non-retired faculty and administrators, after each of which there will be time for general questions and discussion. These presenters  include: Laurie Clabo (Provost),  Robert Sokol (School of Medicine), Alexis Machlin (Associate Dean, WSU Libraries), Margaret Winters (Emeritus Professor of Linguistics and French and former Provost), Peter Lichtenberg (Director, Institute of Gerontology), Dennis Tini (Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Music), John Bassett (former WSU faculty member and  President Emeritus of Clark University), Robert MacKenzie (retired professor, Psychiatry) and Arthur Marotti (Distinguished Professor of English Emeritus and Director of the WSU Emeritus Academy). 

The conference is designed not only for retired faculty, but also for those looking ahead to their own retirement and the options available to them in this next stage of their professional and personal lives. The topics to be addressed include: remaining active in one’s professional field through publishing, presentations at conferences and invited lectures, serving on boards or advisory panels for professional organizations and journals, part-time teaching, mentoring of younger faculty and of students, serving both the University and the community, intellectual broadening and exploration outside of one’s field of specialty, doing autobiographical writing and memoirs, finding “encore careers,” and contributing books from one’s professional library.

To participate in this Webinar, please email Arthur Marotti (a.marotti@wayne.edu) to obtain an internet link.

Internet link for information about the WSU Emeritus Academy: https://emeritusacademy.wayne.edu/


February 2021