Linguistics Department Graduate Student Colloqium

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Date: April 14, 2023
Time: 2 p.m. - 4 p.m.
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Location: 5057 Woodward #10302
5057 Woodward
Detroit, MI 48202
Category: Lecture
Dear colleagues, students, and friends,
Please join us for our annual Linguistics Student Research Colloqium on April 14th, at 2pm, in room 10302 (5057 Woodward).
The presenters are students who are either completing their MA degrees (and MA essays) this semester, or will complete them in S/S.
  We are looking forward to hearing about the research work of our M.A. students:
Anna Wilamanowicz:
Headshot image of Anna Wilamanowicz I am a graduate student in the Linguistics program with an interest in syntax and semantics.


An examination of the semantic contribution of conditional then

In English, a conditional can be formed with or without the inclusion of "then" (if p, q vs. if p, then q). Several accounts have noted differences in meaning dependent on whether then is included, and have uncovered examples where the presence of then degrades the sentence. I add to the semantic analysis of these if/then constructions by providing evidence that they behvae much like other correlatives like both/and and either/or.


Gavin Redding:
Headshot image of Gavin Redding I am a graduate student in the Linguistics program. I am particulary interested in historical linguistics, especially Sino-Tibetan and Algonquian.


Evaluating Sino-Tai on Comparative Grounds

There have been previous efforts to genetically link the Sinitic (Chinese) and Tai languages. Presently, the consensus in the west is that this Sino-Tai hypothesis is unsupported. However, previous attempts to assert this consensus view, while suggestive that Sino-Tai is unlikely, have largely failed to directly address proponents of the theory. I seek to remedy this by evaluating one Sino-Tai proposal via the areas of sound correspondences, basic vocabulary, and morphology. Overall, I conclude Sino-Tai is not supported.
Jackson Wolf: 
Headshot image of Jackson Wolf I am a graduate student in the Linguistics program primarily interested in the phonology/morphology interface.
A Novel Prosodic Morphology account for Verlan
This study is on the French word game Verla, where speakers play by "switching two syllables" in a given word: l'envers --> verlan. I propose a novel analysis using prosodic morphology to change how Verlan is analyzed: the size of a word directly determines the size of the constituent that speakers move from the right edge of the prosodic word to the left when playing the game. This can be as small as the mora and as large as the foot.
Pizza and beverages will be provided during the reception.
Please come and enjoy hearing the presentations of the above MA students!


Haiyong Liu


April 2023