Alumni Webinar Series: "MoneyZen: The Secret to Beating the "Never Enough" Mindset"

Date: July 19, 2023
Time: Noon to 1 p.m.
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Category: Lecture

Wayne State Alumni Association is offering exclusive access to a range of online webinars. Join us for the next webinar, Alumni Webinar Series: "MoneyZen: The Secret to Beating the "Never Enough" Mindset"

Have you ever felt that you don't measure up? Far too many of us feel trapped in a 24/7 hamster wheel of hustle culture, no matter our age, income, or profession. In a world that increasingly tells us the answer to virtually any problem is more - it is all too easy to believe that the amount of money you earn, accomplishments you achieve, or praise you receive is never enough. That you are never enough. In this enlightening webinar, author Manisha Thakor will provide the antidote to this destructive, never-enough mindset - so you can reclaim yourself and your life joyfully. You will learn the following:

  • What causes so many of us to yearn for - yet struggle to - feel the empowerment of "enough."
  • How two simple equations can help you shift from surviving as a human "doing" to thriving as a human "being."
  • Why - counterintuitively - "achieving less" may be the most direct path to a vibrant life

About the author: Manisha Thakor has worked in financial services for over 30 years with a particular passion for women's economic empowerment. A nationally recognized thought leader around the issues of financial education and well-being, Manisha has been featured in national media, including The Wall Street JournalThe New York TimesReal Simple, Women's Health, CNN, CNBC, and NPR. She has written two personal finance books for women in their 20s and 30s. Her latest book MoneyZen: The Secret to Finding Your "Enough," comes out in August 2023. She splits her time between Portland, Oregon, and rural Maine. Her website is

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