Screening of Twenty Somethings + artist talk back

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February 7, 2024
4 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.
5057 Woodward #10302
5057 Woodward
Detroit, MI 48202
Event category: Movie/Film

Join the Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies Program for a screening of the film Twenty Somethings.The screening will be followed by discussion with the writer, producer, and cast of the film.

Film synopsisReal life comes to the big screen, and is expressed through a close-knit group of 5 friends who begin to experience the rollercoaster that life becomes in their 20’s. They try to navigate everything from crescendos of happiness to unexpected turmoil that makes them tackle issues such as purpose, identity, relationships with family, friends, and of course ... love. Alyssa, who is searching for her purpose in life begins to question her relationship with Reem, who is looking for his own ways of getting ahead after his basketball dreams come crashing down. His best friend Drea battles not only with her family but with herself as she goes on her emotional journey of gender identity. Meanwhile, Carmen, infatuated with a faster lifestyle, begins to see that everything that glitters isn’t gold when it comes to the men she attracts. Then there is Tyler, the certified lover boy who must learn that love is blind, but he cannot be blinded by love. Sure to be a relatable story of lessons and transitions for this group of twenty somethings.

Film Team Joining for the Discussion

KendraRenee knew from the young age of 3 years old that she wanted to be on TV. From then on she made it her duty to find out everything about television. Through this she fell in love with film and eventually theater. She realized she was in love with the storytelling of it all and the magic within those stories. Laying the foundation for her ultimate goal of telling the stories of the people whose stories would otherwise go untold. Determined to help tell those stories, KendraRenee has done all aspects from in front of the camera to behind, on stage to backstage. Allowing her creative juices to flow from all directions rounding out her total artistry.

She began doing poetry in second grade, then on to creative writing in middle school, and then in high school wrote her first (of many) scripts. In 2017, her writing hit the stage in her hit play entitled No!!!!!! Two years later, in 2019 she wrote her first short film, Forgiven, while still in college. Recently, KendraRenee had her feature film debut with Twenty Somethings which is currently playing on Tubi. KendraRenee says that her favorite author is none other than Dr. Seuss, not because of the funny rhymes, but because “he can make you feel a whole lot in a little.” Coupled with her tenacity to get things done KendraRenee is not just what is missing in this industry, but what it never knew it needed.


Veronica Benjamin is a God-fearing black D girl, who was raised on the westside of Detroit.

Growing up in Detroit, Veronica feels like you have the freedom to be you and be open to exploring new opportunities. Veronica is the founder of It’s In My Heart a small up and coming family business, co-owner of Bouche’ lipgloss with her Lil sister, and she currently works for the City of Detroit. She was recently introduced to the filming industry, which now has become her new found love, and played the role of Alyssa’s Mom in Twenty Somethings, streaming now on Tubi.Through the lens of a forever changing and growing life, she has finally found her way to live free and unapologetically!! Veronica is also a proud Wife, mother and grandmother who adores her family!!


Meet Ja'Vyana Clark, a 24-year-old talent hailing from Grand Rapids, MI. Ja'Vyana's passion for performing and being in the spotlight began at a tender age. She vividly remembers her first steps onto a dance recital stage at the age of 6, an experience that instantly felt like finding her true home. It was there that she discovered her deep-seated affinity for the performing arts, a love that would only continue to grow. As Ja'Vyana entered her freshman year of high school, she was introduced to the world of stage plays. With each production she became a part of, she fell deeper in love with the transformative process of becoming a character and crafting an entire world for the audience to witness. Throughout her college years, Ja'Vyana's involvement extended beyond the stage itself, as she explored backstage roles, manned the light booth, and contributed to costume design. However, nothing compared to the exhilaration of being front and center, basking in the spotlight for all to see.

Ja'Vyana's journey led her to make her cinematic debut in Twenty Somethings, a stepping stone to her breakout role in the film Shut Up and an appearance in the TV series "Street Legal." With her unwavering dedication and boundless talent, Ja'Vyana eagerly anticipates her future, aspiring to leave an indelible mark on the world of entertainment and become a household name.


Ferlin Ammons is a 52 year0old Adrican American male who in 2019 decided to pursue his childhood dream of becoming an actor. So far in his five years of acting Ferlin has mostly done background acting and commercials, but in April 2022 he was so graciously cast as Drea's Dad in his debut speaking role in the Tubi movie Twenty Somethings. 

Ferlin's strengths include improvisation, comedy, adapting to last minute changes and taking and following directions. Ferlin also has experience behind the scenes as a producer's assistant. When not acting Ferlin works full-time at Ford Motor Company and enjoys traveling, fishing, bowling, and cooking with his wife.

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