Jose Cuello "Greening Our Universities to Survive the Global Ecological Crisis"

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Date: January 11, 2023
Time: 12:30 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Location: Zoom
Category: Lecture

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The WSU Humanities Center invites faculty, students, staff, and the community to a Brown Bag talk given by Jose Cuello (Emeritus Professor, History) on the topic of the "Greening Our Universities to Survive the Global Ecological Crisis". 


The world’s universities can secure an Earth still habitable by humans. Universities will:

01. constitute a rapid response system of innovation and communication that is embedded in 31,000 localities on the planet. 02. lead the research and policy collaborations with governments, corporations, foundations and communities. 03. retool their professional networks to exchange Green information and coordinate environmental programs. 04. play a major role in designing a new system of production and employment. 05. employ the experts who will conceive and design the transformation of our social relations. 06. grant higher degrees in Green and become dynamic laboratories for testing new Green technologies. 07. produce a new Green ideology to reintegrate us into Nature. Thinking Green together will be the new norm. 08. reshape our whole educational system to train the general public. 09. tap the creativity of local communities through public forums and collaborations. 10. act as a resource for their graduates who will coordinate the environmental campaigns. 11. slice the Gordian Knot of political gridlock in and among the world’s capitols. 12. regenerate the ideology of democracy throughout the world to mitigate the inequalities that govern our lives today.

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January 2023