Mathematics Topology Seminar - Manuel Krannich

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Date: March 19, 2020
Time: 2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Location: Faculty/Administration #1140 | Map
656 W. Kirby
Detroit, MI 48202
Category: Seminar

Speaker: Manuel Krannich, University of Cambridge

Title: Pseudoisotopies of even discs and algebraic K-theory of the integers

Abstract: There is an intimate connection between algebraic K-theory and the space of pseudo-isotopies P(M) of a compact d-manifold M (that is, diffeomorphisms of a cylinder M x I that are the identity on M x 0 and ∂M x I). Classically, the pseudo-isotopy space P(M) is studied in two steps: there is a stabilisation map P(M)-> P(M x I) which is approximately d/3-connected by a result of Igusa, and the colimit has a description in terms of Waldhausen's algebraic K-theory of spaces due to Waldhausen--Jahren--Rognes' stable parametrised h-cobordism theorem.

In this talk, I will focus on the case of an even-dimensional disc and explain a new method to relate its space of pseudo-isotopies to the algebraic K-theory of the integers in a range up to roughly the dimension. This approach is independent of the usual route, does not involve stabilising the dimension, and is homological in nature.


Department of Mathematics



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