CS seminar: Towards improving the safety of cyber-physical systems

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Date: February 28, 2023
Time: 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.
Location: Virtual event
Category: Seminar


Khouloud Gaaloul, PhD, University of Michigan-Dearborn


Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS) are technical systems that combine the physical and digital worlds, allowing for new ways to interact with the environment. The integration of cyber and physical components results in complex systems that require careful design, implementation, and testing to ensure their safe and reliable operation. In this talk, we will explore the various applications of CPS and their impact on society. For example, autonomous cars have the potential to revolutionize transportation by improving traffic flow and reducing pollution. Smart devices, such as home automation systems, can improve the quality of life for people with disabilities by enabling them to live more independently and engage more fully with society.

However, with the increased complexity of these systems comes the risk of failure. Software verification techniques, such as model-based testing and checking, are essential for identifying the primary causes and contributing factors of failure in CPS. These techniques help to ensure the safety and reliability of the systems by identifying and correcting errors before they cause harm. Despite the importance of software verification, it is challenging to apply these techniques to the wide variety of systems and their properties. In this talk, we will discuss the challenges and limitations of different software verification techniques in CPS and suggest potential solutions to overcome them. We will also discuss the broader perspective of CPS and its potential to transform various industries, including healthcare, transportation, and manufacturing.

In summary, this presentation will provide an overview of CPS applications and their impact on society. We will explore the importance of software verification in ensuring the safety and reliability of CPS and identify the challenges and limitations of these techniques. Ultimately, the goal of this presentation is to increase awareness of CPS and their potential to improve our daily lives while ensuring their safe and reliable operation.


Khouloud Gaaloul is an Assistant Professor at CIS department of University of Michigan-Dearborn. After receiving her Ph.D. from The University of Luxembourg, Dr. Gaaloul held the position of a Postdoctoral Researcher at University of Michigan-Dearborn and Oakland University in the Intelligent Software Engineering Lab (ISElab). 

Her research interests include software engineering with focus on model-based software development of cyber-physical systems, as well as search-based testing, machine-learning and formal methods for verification of cyber-physical systems.

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