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College of Liberal Arts and Sciences | Mathematics

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November 7, 2018 | 1:00 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.
Category: Lecture
Location: Faculty/Administration #1140 | Map
656 W. Kirby
Detroit, MI 48202
Cost: Free

Speaker: Ahmad Sabra, American University at Beirut, Lebanon

Title: Eliminating chromatic aberration of a bichromatic source light, and design of demultiplexer lenses

Abstract: When white light passes through a prism, colors are dispersed since each radiation has a different speed in the material of the prism resulting in a different angle of refraction. Trying to focus all these radiations back into one direction or into a point is challenging and all existing physical models use approximations. This limitation is called chromatic aberration.
In this talk we show existence of a lens (combination of two smooth surfaces) that refracts perfectly bichromatic rays emitted from a point source into a xed direction eliminating the chromatic aberration caused by the rays traversing the lens. We formulate the problem into a system of functional differential equations and prove using a xed point type argument the existence of the solution.
Another challenge is to control each radiation separately after traversing the lens. Demultiplexer lenses have a goal to focus each color into a different target. We discuss under the same setup necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of such demultiplexer.

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