National day of healing from racism

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January 16, 2024
9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Student Center Ballroom
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How do we heal from racism?

To heal from and end racism, we need to tell the truth about the past and current wrongs and address the consequences created by individual and systemic racism.#HowWeHeal

In the spirit of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., we collaborate every January to host the National Day of Healing from Racism in an effort to heal the wounds created by racial, ethnic, and religious bias and build an equitable and just society where everyone can thrive.

We learn how to talk about racism's impact and how to use practices to guide us on our journey of healing from racism.

We plan a full day of programming that is free to attend and open to all. Parking is available in Structure 5 located at 5501 Anthony Wayne Drive bordered by the Lodge Service Drive and Kirby across from Structure 2. Parking rates are $2.00 for the first 20 minutes or fraction of, $1.00 each additional 20 minutes or fraction of, $13.00 maximum, payable by bank issued debit or credit card. CASH IS NOT ACCEPTED. The same card used to enter the parking structure must be used to exit the structure. Additional metered parking may be available on Anthony Wayne Drive.

Sessions for the day include:



Opening Yoga – Optional Event  


Doors Open 

  • Coffee, tea and water are available


Welcome, land acknowledgement, and short grounding 


Welcome from President Espy


Welcome & Address from Dr. Donyale Padgett, Interim Associate Provost, Diversity and Inclusion / Chief Diversity Officer



The fishbowl seeks to be a part of our collective healing from racism, and we are centering the roles that play and rest may have in healing.


Lunch Break 


Lunch Time—Choose 1 Self Selected Breakout Rooms - 


Room 1: Movement Healing—Hilberry A 

Title: Movement as Medicine, Kandice Moss, Moss Therapy & Wellness 

Brief Description: You will be guided to participate in a “Movement as Medicine” experience with Board Certified dance movement therapist, Kandice Moss. The space will Empower you to release what no longer serves you that has found shelter in your body. The space will Welcome what makes you whole. The space will Encourage one to Explore the possibilities of the future in the now. Practical techniques will be provided to support individuals in their day-to-day lives. After the guided movement portion, participants will be invited to share what they experienced. All physical abilities are welcomed and will be accommodated. 



Room 2: Art Therapy Session (capacity 30)--Hilberry B 

Title: Tissue Paper Collaging, by Art Therapists in Training Veronique Eason (she/her) and Cynthia Bourgeau-Kherkher (she/her)  


Brief Description: A Tissue Paper Collage is an expressive image that allows individuals to find their own inner wisdom by rediscovering their creativity and joy in the process. When used as an art medium, Tissue Paper offers a freedom of expression that the individual is not in control of: images arising from tissue paper collages are somatic representations of inner states of being. Additionally, the act of tearing and pasting pieces together to look like stained glass can be a meditative practice. This art activity aims to inspire wholeness, integration, and a sense of play. So, come allow yourself to be playful and open to what unfolds! 

Benefits: Increases relaxation and improves problem-solving skills. 


Room 3: Music Session—Hilberry C (round tables) 


Led by Chace “Mic Write” Morris 

Nothing is arbitrary. Everything is language, is message. Even that song that inexplicably keeps popping up in your mind, hummed or sang aloud before you even know it's happening. Whether it be our jam, a joint we hate, or a song we don't even remember hearing--- 


What if it's trying to tell you something vital about your freedom? 


Join Chace Morris in an exercise of play and intuition, as we learn about Sonic Quilt Coding---a practice developed by Chace and his partner Sherina Rodriguez (The TETRA). This session teaches how to harness songs not just as entertainment, but as portals, as signposts en route to liberation. We will break outdated contracts with Oppression and write new liberatory paths, using the music that moves us deepest. 







Afternoon Session: Guided Ancestor Work for Rest & Renewal 

Sherina Rodriguez Sharpe


In this 90-minute workshop, we will connect with our ancestral line in order to shake off ghosts of oppression and claim deeper levels of power.  


Through this ritual, we will explore rest as a spiritual technology. Rest is our connection to our inner guidance and the ancestral gifts and power that we've inherited.  


Through guided work, we'll ignite our individual power and quilt that power to a collective reckoning. We'll transform energetic leaks and step into a new level of strength and joy. 

Please wear comfy clothes. Feel free to bring a blanket or yoga mat to lay on. The more relaxed we get, the more power we will access.   



3:30– 4:30pm 

Yarënda’ Nde Yahchrondiak Performance

Facilitated by: Yarënda’ Nde Yahchrondiak

In this hour-long session, multidisciplinary artist, Yarënda’ Nde Yahchrondiak, weaves together the beauty of storytelling, music and song, and healing circles to explore the context of healing from racism. Yarënda’ will guide us through discussion around healing from historical trauma and racism while honoring the Native and Indigenous ancestry. Yarënda’ Nde Yahchrondiak will perform the Wendat/Wyandotte Healing song, a Wendat Traditional Story and the Spirit Bear Anishinaabe song honoring her own tribe and that of the land on which we stand. This session will also conclude with Prayer with cedar which is a traditional sacred herb.

4:30– 4:45pm  



Buffet Dinner & Discussion


Closing remarks & 2025 Save the Date 

January 2024