Fault-Tolerant Data-Driven Distributed Algorithms: from Multi-Agent Smart Grids to Smart Buildings

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Date: March 3, 2020
Time: 11:30 a.m. - 12:20 p.m.
Location: Old Main # 1163 | Map
4841 Cass
Detroit, MI 48201
Category: Seminar


Distributed algorithms have been proposed as options to scale control propositions to the massive number of intelligent energy devices, sub-systems, and distributed energy resources being integrated into the electricity grid. Distributed algorithms rely on the communication network for exchanging information. Failures in the communication network can jeopardize distributed decision-making and in the worst-case scenario can lead to system-level stability problems. In this seminar, I will discuss my recent efforts to address one technical aspect of multi-agent power grids, namely fault-tolerant distributed frequency regulation. I will first present a distributed architecture for frequency regulation and address the problem of how thousands of sparsely located agents can regulate frequency in a distributed and robust manner. Next, a fault-tolerant distributed architecture is proposed to ensure a stable and fairly efficient operation of agents in the presence of contingencies in the communication network. In the second part of the seminar, I will discuss our current research project by California Energy Commission to perform a large-scale demonstration and extensive assessment of an innovative building energy management system based on Internet of Things (IoT) and Data Analytics in a large-scale academic building. The building will serve as a prosumer, which can provide grid services, such as distributed frequency regulation.


Masoud H. Nazari is an Assistant Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering at Wayne State University. His current research is focused on the theory and application of data-driven distributed optimization and Internet of Things (IoT)-based data analytics for smart buildings, smart communities, and smart grids. Prior to joining Wayne State, he was an Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering at California State University, Long Beach. Dr. Nazari is leading a $2.5M research project by California Energy Commission to design, develop, and demonstrate an innovative IoT-based smart building energy management system in large university buildings. He is the IEEE Senior Member in Power and Energy Society and has more than 40 publications (including the best paper award in 2017 North American Power Symposium) in the field. His papers have been published in prestigious journals and transactions, such as IEEE Trans. on Power Systems, Springer Science & Business Media, IET Generation, Transmission & Distribution, and Control Engineering Practice. Dr. Nazari received his Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University in 2012 and was a postdoctoral fellow from 2013 to 2015 in the Electrical & Computer Engineering Department at the Georgia Institute of Technology.


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