Michigan Statewide FASD Conference: Looking Back, Moving Forward

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September 13, 2023 View Recurrence Dates
8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Gaylord, MI
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This statewide conference will be held in Gaylord, Michigan on September 12th and 13th and will include presentations from:

Jacqueline Pei, PHD: Dr. Pei is a professor in the Educational Psychology Department at the University of Alberta.  Having begun her career in mental health as a Forensic Counselor, Dr. Pei has a special interest in interventions with youth put at risk.  Her current clinical and research interests include increasing our understanding of brain-based contributions to functioning for children and youth, and developmental trajectories of mental health.  She has a special interest in identifying and enhancing interventions for individuals with FASD.

Amy Dubey, OT-R: Amy Dubey has been an Occupational Therapist since 2000.  In 2003 she started Therapy Solutions in Petoskey to provide private practice services to clients in Northern Michigan.  She has training and skills in holistically treating injured, ill, or disabled patients through therapeutic activities that help them develop, recover, improve, and maintain the skills needed for daily living and working.

Bethany Grysko, MS:  Bethany Grysko is a Genetics Counselor with the FASD Diagnostic Clinic at Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids.  She is dedicated to helping families navigate the diagnostic process and learn what a diagnosis means.

G. Michael Nidiffer, MD: Dr. Nidiffer has been practicing pediatric medicine in Marquette since 1975.  He now devotes most of his practice to developmental-behavioral/neurodevelopmental pediatrics and chronic disabling conditions.  He has coordinated The FASD Diagnostic Clinic in Marquette for 30+ years.

Edward Riley, PHD: Dr. Riley’s research focuses on how prenatal exposure to alcohol can affect the developing embryo and fetus.  He is the principal investigator of the Administrative Core and the Consortium Coordinator of the Collaborative Initiative on FASD.

Deb Evensen, MA:  Deb Evensen is the director of Fetal Alcohol Consultation and Training in Alaska.  Internationally recognized as an FASD consultant, master teacher, and behavior specialist with more than 40 years of experience teaching and developing programs for individuals with highly challenging behaviors.  She worked with her first student with FAS in 1982 and has been a pioneer in discovering practical solutions that work for individuals with FASD.

Kathy Mitchell, MHS: Kathy Mitchel is a noted international speaker on FASD and women and addictions.  She is a Licensed Clinical Alcohol and Drugs Counselor with more than 30 years of experience as a national educator, clinician, and lecturer.  She cofounded in 2021 the Circle of Hope, an international program for birth mothers of children with FASD, and founded and hosts the weekly virtual 12-step recovery program Recovering Mothers Anonymous.

Barbabra Wybrecht, BSN, PHN FASD Clinical Nurse Specialist: In 1973, the year FAS was identified in the US, Barbara and her Husband, Ted, adopted their son Rob, the first infant in the US to be diagnosed with full FAS.  As a result of this event, and the learning that with it, Barabara’s full time professional focus shifted solely to work related to diagnosing, parent support, educating multidisciplinary professionals throughout the state and educating children and adults with an FASD on how best to advocate for themselves.

There will also be panel discussions for adults with FASD and parents of individuals with FASD.

Attendance will be limited to 300, so act fast!  If you are interested in attending but are from outside of Michigan, contact partners@nemcpi.org to be waitlisted.


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September 2023